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1 (Jan 2000)

Weymouth Speedweek, Newport symposium, performance measurement, land sailing, kite sailing, solar & human power

Open sample

2 (Jul 2000)

Hydrofoil sailing, America’s Cup, performance modelling, experiments

Open & read

3 (Jan 2001)

Hull design, proas, ferro cement, seadogs, performance

Open & read

4 (Apr 2001)

Sunshine sailing canoe; Sailrocket; designing racing dinghies (pt 1)

Open & read

5 (Jul 2001)

Wind profiles, Costes hydrofoils, rotors, designing dinghies (pt 2)

Open & read

6 (Oct 2001)

Quarterline hull shapes, Revolution amphibious sailer, speedsailing

Open & read

7 (Jan 2002)

John Hogg prizes 2001 (Swingsail, glider-sail, windlogger); Swifgig

Open & read

8 (Apr 2002)

Special edition on Rigs,

Open & read

9 (Jul 2002)

Conveyor belt foils, Kcat70, Ergonomic oars

Open & read

10 (Oct 2002)

Speedweek, Hydrofoils, Windrigger cat, Downwind faster than the wind

Open & read

11 (Jan 2003)

John Hogg prizes 2002, Hull & keel design, windmills, Rigs

Open & read

12 (Apr 2003)

Rigs, Monofoil, Downwind faster than the wind

Open & read

13 (Jul 2003)

Hapa Stabilised Sail Craft, Smart Anchor, Mill-Prop paradigm, Balancing Act

Open & read

14 (Oct 2003)

Alice May;Automatic Headboard; Kite Sail system; Spar Buoys

Open & read

15 (Jan 2004)

John Hogg Prize 2003: Quatrefoil; Free Spirit trimaran; Gravity Shift keel; AYRS-Bolt; Polar Curves

Open & read

16 (Apr 2004)

Marine Engine; Water Sports for Disabled People; Paddle wheel design; Autonomous Wing-Sailed Catamaran

Open & read

17 (Jul 2004)

A New Mug; Fishtails, Raymotion, and Gondolas; Romy Rig; 50 Knot Barrier; Autonomous Wing-Sailed Catamaran (pt 2); Soft Wing Sails

Open & read

18 (Oct 2004)

Moths on Foils; Transition rig; 4 x the Wind; Buoyant Keel Boats & Boards

Open & read

19 (Jan 2005)

Outleader Kites;Downwind as fast as you like; Mini-Trimaran; A Monoplane Wingsail Cruising Trimaran; AYRS John Hogg Memorial Prize Award 2005; New world sailing speed record; Weymouth Speedweek;Case for a new mug; Proa crew wanted

Open & read

20 (Apr 2005)

Rushing About on Ivanpah 2004; Elementarry; The Wave Rocker; The Power Alternating Sailing (PAS) Principle and the Mill-Prop Principle; Kites & Sailing Records; Concept Boat, RIBEX

Open & read

21 (Jul 2005)

Freewing; Moorhen; A Bauer String Yacht Demonstration; IDEC; New proa launched; Rowing record; CATRI; WSSRC ratifications; Wincheetah; Broker wanted; DWFTTW; Drawing Long-Radius Curves

Open & read

22 (Oct 2005)

Coastal rowing gains direction; A new analysis of the Pacific crab claw rig; Self-righting multihulls; Design and construction of hulls for Windriggercat (WRC) 6800; More on DWFTTW; Weymouth Speedweek, Concept Boat competition; Quatrefoil, ROCAT; soft wingsails, DWFTTW

Open & read

23 (Jan 2006)

John Hogg Competition report; Innovative Self Steering Gear; Stabilising foils and variable geometry for proas; A different approach to Sail Design & Construction; Tri-foiler project update;

Open & read

24 (Apr 2006)

A Voyaging Canoe for Tikopia; A different approach to Sail Design & Construction; Stingray; Creating an Efficient Propeller; Rotorboat

Open & read

25 (Jul 2006)

A Bauer String Yacht Demonstration; A Double Land Yacht reveals Direct Sailing to be a Cam Action; Windfinder; How Wings and Sails Work; DDWFTTW Response to Peter Jefferson & Bernard Slotboom; Pocock’s ‘The Aeropleuistic Art

Open & read

26 (Jan 2007)

Biplane Hagedoorn Craft; Going for a Spin (or Sailing the Rotorboat); AYRS Weymouth Meeting

Sorry, not currently available

27 (Apr 2007)

Sorry, not currently available

28 (Jul 2007)

Special edition from Ken Upton: Wave power – the wave rocker; Circling kites gather more power; Conveyor foils – a high density renewable-energy collector; Traction kites and Eco-Reefs; Eco-wings Mk 4.
Also: Colin Mudie on Square Rig; Profoil – a hydrofoil assisted, 2-way flying proa; Danger from kites on boats; (DDWFTTW) Speed downwind vs gear ratio in a Bauer vehicle

Open & read

29 (Jan 2008)

Sorry, not currently available

30 (Apr 2008)

What have you done for AYRS? Howard Fund; Some thoughts about unpowered heavier-than-air aircraft; Sailing in the jet-stream; Single-oared sculling; Kenape-type kite systems; No entries yet for the John Hogg Prize!

Open & read

31 (Jul 2008)

The Delta Sail Project (Malcolm Henry); Turboships (Peter A Sharp); Sharp Rotor Kite; Powersail (Jon Montgomery); Low Aspect Ratio Hapa (Fred Ball); Percy Westwood (Catalyst Editor)1947 – 2008.

Open & read

32 (Oct 2008)

 A Small Voyaging Boat (Sven Yrvind); Bris’ Sextant (Sven Yrvind); Understanding & Development of Aquaplaning Wheeled Sailing Yachts (Kim Fisher); Protecting Steel from Rust – a simple trial (Fred Ball)

Open & read

33 (Jan 2009)

 John Hogg Prize for 2008 – Flex Foil Wind Generator (Jack Goodman); Delta-shaped Sails (Richard Dryden); A Captive Kite-Sail Design (J G Morley)

Open & read

34 (Apr 2009)

 A Short Yuloh (David Shannon); An improved way of stern-sculling (Mike Bedwell); Some thoughts on the Yuloh.(Slieve McGalliard); A Rough Guide to Patenting or a personal view of the Patent Process (Tim Glover); Sailboat speed vs. Wind speed (Yoav Raz)

Open & read

35 (Jul 2009)

 Single-oared sculling (Mike Bedwell); Water Power Turbine (Chris Watson); Sunk without trace? (Roger Glencross)

Open & read

36 (Oct 2009)

From Table-top to Sea: A New Design of Downwind Sail; Free Spirit, an amphibious trimaran suitable for both disabled and able-bodied sailors; Fred’s Folly an experimental boat; Wind Powered Seaplane Or Hagedoorn Revisited; “Sue” Lewis, 1920 – 2009; Books for after Christmas? – “The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction”, “Higher Performance Sailing”, “Aero-Hydrodynamics and the Performance of Sailing Yachts”

Open & read

37 (Jan 2010)

Sail Modules for Larger Ships ; Poppy – a split junk rig ; Automatically Deflecting Fins for Sailing Yachts; The Howard Fund What it is, how AYRS will use it, and how you can apply for a grant ; AYRS John Hogg Prize Award 2010

Open & read

38 (Apr 2010)

Development of the Morley Tethered Kite System ; Innovation in Rating Sail Areas ; Why doesn’t AYRS offer a Hagedoorn Centenary Prize? ; Sailing a Faster Course – Hypotheses from a study of polar performance curves; Meet the Committee – Graeme Ward, Sheila Fishwick

Open & read

39 (Jul 2010)

The UCD Roboboat; Sailing a faster course – Finding the Optimal Course to target; Variable Geometry Hapa; Meet the Committee – Slade Penoyre, Simon Fishwick

Open & read

40 (Oct 2010)

Speedweek 2010 Pictures; The Dolfin Project Pt 1 – The Hydrodynamic Simulator; Sailing a faster course – Integrating Results to Whole Legs; AYRS John Hogg Memorial Award 2011; Outboard Tilt Lock; Broad Horizons; Book reviews – “The RIB”, “Practical Dinghy Cruiser”, The Psychology of Sailing” Meet the Committee – John Perry, Michael Ellison

Open & read

41 (Jan 2011)

News – AC45 “small” cats; Weston Cat Open; Chasse Maree Lightweight Boat Design Contest; Sailing a Faster Course Part 4 – Upwind Calculations and Practical Methods; Members News – Seen at the Show; Andrew Bauer; Robert Downhill; AYRS Sweatshirts

Open & read

42 (Apr 2011)

The Launch of Vestas Sailrocket 2; Matt Layden’s Paradox design and the cheap roller-reefing standing lugsail; Sailing a Faster Course Part 5 – Downwind Calculation and Unsolved Mysteries; Discussion on Sailing a Faster Course – Go Straight (Paul Ashford) & Author’s Reply; Members News – North West England Local Group.

Open & read

43 (Jul 2011)

Water Craft Cordless Canoe Challenge; Hagedoorn – The Beginning; Is Variable Geometry Necessary for Ultimate Sailing?; Morley Tethered Kitesail Project – Interim Report; Assessment of a Monohull Vessel’s Stability with No Hydrostatic Data News – (Hydroptere, Ultimate Sailing Claimed); Letters; AYRS News

Open & read

44 (Oct 2011)

News -“P28 Gonet & Cie” revealed; The AC45 World Series comes to Plymouth – a personal view (Joddy Chapman); Improvement in Wave Propulsion Devices (Gustavo Tabakian); The new Kelsall Cat Rig (Derek Kelsall); AYRS News (Fred Ball, Mike Howard, John Perry); Letters – AYRS – Looking ahead

open & read

45 (Oct 2012)

News – l’, Sailrocket; ;Letters – Ultimate sailing, Vortex plates, Yullahs, etc; Final report on hinged foils (Robert Biegler); Are recent kitesurfer records being sailed at more efficient sailing angles than best recorded windsurfers? (Dave Culp) AYRS News – Meetings and other activities (Fred Ball, John Perry, et al)

open & read

46 (Jan 2013)

Sailrocket 2 raises 500m Sailing Speed Record; Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012; Messenger – an exercise in Lean Design; Members Projects Meeting Janury 2012; Southampton Boat Show; Weymouth Speedweek; North West UK Local Group Meeting, December 2012.

open & read

47 (Oct 2013)

Dick Newick, AYRS Vice-President; America’s Cup Technology; Three Small Proas; Detachable Watertight Pockets; My Catamaran (S Large); AYRS Activities in 2013

open & read

48 (Oct 2014)

AeroJunk (Paul McKay); AutoFlight (Dave Culp); Human-powered Craft (Mike Bedwell); How to judge racing results (Nico Boon); Frank Bailey

open & read

49 (May 2015)

Modest Wingsails (Dave Culp); Wingsail Experiments (Peter Worsley); News from AYRS

open & read

50 (May 2015)

Morley tethered Kite Sail – Final Report (Michael John Howard); The Tethered Kite Sail Project (J G Morley);  The Hebridean Wind Vane (John Fleming);  Triumph – a 12 ft Marine Ply Kite Towed Trimaran (Chris Watson);  Development of a Foiling Laser (Dr Ian Ward);  The Vampire project (William Sunnucks);  The Foiling Revolution (Alan Smith);  plus News (CA Marchaj, AC World Series), Letters (Tinfoil, Wingsails, Wingsail Workshop) and AYRS Directors Report for 2014-15

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