Submitting Material for Publication in Catalyst

The best way to send us:-

Articles:- an electronic (ascii) text file (e.g. *.txt created in Notepad). If you prefer to use Word, then for please use no more formatting than Normal, Heading 1, 2 & 3 styles. Other styles will get deleted as we use our own set of “Catalyst” styles. We can also accept PDFs, but prefer illustrations to be sent separately.

Images:- (logically named please!) picture files (*.jpg, gif, .png, or *.tif).

Line drawings:- please send them in the format in which they were created, or if scanned as *.tif (never send line drawings as JPEGs because it blurs all the lines)

Any scanned image should be scanned at a resolution of at least 300 ppi at the final size and assume most pictures in Catalyst are 100 by 150mm (6 by 4 inches). A digital photograph should be the file that was created by the camera. A file from a mobile phone camera may be useful. Leave them in colour, and save them as example clear_and_complete_title.jpg with just a bit of compression. If you are sending a CD, then you can be more generous with the file sizes (less compression), than if emailing, and you can then use *.tif LZW-compressed or uncompressed format.

For complex mathematical expressions send us hardcopy or scan of text with any mathematical characters handwritten (we can typeset them), but add copious notes in a different colour to make sure that we understand. We can also process MS Equation and its derivatives. Include notes or instructions (or anything else you want us to note) in the text file, preferably in angle brackets such as <new heading>, or <greek rho>, or <refers to image_of_jib_set_badly.jpg>.

Otherwise: — If you write in longhand, and sketch or include photographic prints, and trust to snail mail (a copy, never the original) then all can and will be dealt with in due course. If you have trouble understanding anything in this section, email to ask.

As examples, the polar diagram p16 of Catalyst 28 was re-created from a second generation photocopy; photos of shunting in the Champion article in Catalyst 27 (pp 19-21) were screen grabs from a video supplied on DVD. The rest of the images in that article were scanned from photographs; and the text was OCRed (Optical Character Recognition software) or keyboarded.

Send a copy of your work (copyshops can scan to file and email for you):

by email:,
by post: Catalyst, BCM AYRS, London, WCIN 3XX

(For those who wish to know how we do things, we edit article texts in Word. Illustrations and captions are separated out and stored as discrete files. Each article is typeset using InDesign or (if in a hurry as we know it better) Pagemaker; assembled into “books”, and printed as PDFs, which are sent to the printshop for transfer to paper.)

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