Submitting Material for Publication in Catalyst

Our preferred way to receive material for publication is by email, the email address to use is  Email sent to that email address will be automatically formated to each member of our three person editorial team.  But if you do not use email, then you can post to our Chairman: John Perry, 7 Cross Park Road, Wembury, Devon UK  PL9 0EU

A good way to send material is as text, eg a plain text file or Word document, plus pictures sent separately as .jpg, .tif etc.   You don’t need to spend time on formating since our Editors will format articles to suit the layout of our magazine.

Pictures should if at all possible at a resolution of at least 300 ppi at the final size and you can assume most pictures in Catalyst are not larger than 100 by 150mm (6 by 4 inches).  Appropriate fron cover pictures for our magazine are welcomed, these obviously need to be portrait format, not landscape.

Any line drawings should not be sent as .jpg files since this blurs the lines, .tif is OK.

For mathematical expressions send good definition scan of text (.tif) or use MS Equation or its derivatives or post hard copy.

As a last resort we can accept hand writtain articles by post but we much prefer digital files or at least typed material that can be scanned with optical character recognition software.

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