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AYRS on show in Folkestone around 1960Membership is open to anyone interested in the improvement of yachts and equipment through research and development.


How to join

To become a full member, download a copy of the Membership Application Form (PDF) and either post it, with your subscription cheque, to: The Secretary, AYRS, BCM AYRS, London WC1N 3XX, Great Britain; or preferably, fill in the form using Acrobat Reader’s “Fill & Sign” facility, email it to, then pay your subscription by PayPal by selecting one of the buttons below.


Option 1: Subscription (for members who want to download the publications from the website – recommended for those outside as well as inside UK) is GB£10.00 or equivalent in your currency per year.
We will send you an email as each edition of the magazine is published.

 This will renew automatically. (To make a one-off payment, see below.)

Option 2: If you prefer to have copies of the magazines posted to you (NOT available if you are outside UK due to excessive postal costs & delays), subscription is GB£20.00 per year.

  This too sets up an annual recurring payment.

Option 3: Retired persons (but only in the UK) may if they wish claim a concessionary rate and still get the publications on paper – £10  per year – but you need to fill out the appropriate part of the membership form first.


Option 4: To make just a single year payment, select the level of subscription and click on the “Buy Now” button below:


Bank transfer payments (again only in Sterling please) may be made directly to the AYRS bank account but ONLY after contacting, and getting instructions from the AYRS Secretary. (Each payment needs a unique reference number so we know who it is from.)
Email: with your membership form

We regret we are also unable at present to accept direct payments by credit card, but you can make credit card payments through PayPal to, or by clicking on the appropriate button above.

PLEASE NOTE UNDER CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES WE HAVE STOPPED ACCEPTING CASH OR CHEQUES. If you cannot make a bank transfer, then please ask us for our bank details and then make a payment at your nearest branch of HSBC.

What you get

The Society publishes an magazine – Catalyst the Journal of Yacht Research – once, twice or more a year plus single subject (*very* cutting-edge) booklets as the material arises.

Subjects range from Natural Aerodynamics (birds’ wings and vortex generation/reduction), to Self Steering, from Hydrofoils to new designs and ideas. Subjects generally run about 3:1, high tech:cruising subjects.

You can find a full list of our magazines (since 2000) here and booklet publications on the accompanying Booklets List. Alternatively you can look up specific subjects in the AYRS Publications Index (still under construction – but see what we have already done here).

We hold 4-6 meetings each year in the UK, and occasional meetings in the NE and W Coast United States (when someone volunteers to organise them).

We also have a discussion forum which is mostly open to all to read, but there are some areas that are accessible only to paid-up members. Click on the link above and you will be taken to it. (If you are a paid-up subscriber, then don’t forget to fill in your real name and address on the Registration page otherwise we may not recognise you and so you won’t get access to the “Members Only” areas.)

We hope you will join us. You will be very welcome!

Further information

For further information, or comment, please contact the AYRS Office

“AYRS” and the logo are copyright Amateur Yacht Research Society

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