The AYRS is a Society for all who are interested in the technology of boating, mainly although not exclusively sailing boats.  We are also a club for amateur boat builders – many of our members have built or are building their own boats. Our members receive our magazine ‘Catalyst’ currently isssued three times per year and they disuss and share ideas at meetings held in several parts of the UK, we also hold on line meetings accessible world wide.

How to join

Download a copy of our Membership Form (.pdf) and email it to or post it to our Treasurer –  Mark Hillman, Millerstones, Rayrigg Road, Windermere, LA23 1EY. Also pay your subscription!

Our subscription is £10 per year for those who require our magazine as a .pdf email attachment or £30 per year for those who require our magazine printed and posted.

Whether you choose to receive our magazine by email or on paper we will still use email for other communication with you provided that you provide us with an email address. Such communication will include notification of forthcoming AYRS events and any important news relevant to the Society.  Typically you can expect to receive one or two emails from us each month, we try to avoid excessive email output.

We offer the following ways to pay your subscription:

  • By bank transfer (bank details are on the membership form)
  • By Paypal using one of the buttons below.  These buttons give you the option to set up a once off payment or an annually recuring payment.  (Even if you do not have a Paypal account you can use these buttons to pay with a credit card )
  • By including a cheque when you post your application form
  • By use of the credit card reader that we have on our stand at the RYA Dinghy Show (and any other boat shows at which we may be able to exhibit) So if you do visit our stand at a boat show this is an easy way to find information about the Society and then join up if you think it will suit you.

Paypal Buttons – (These do work with a credit card if you dont have a Paypal account)

To receive our magazine ‘Catalyst’ by post at an annual subscription of GB£30.00 (now an option for both UK and overseas members), click the blue button below, or to receive it by email as .pdf files click the green button. Both buttons give you the option to either pay for one year only (the default option) or to set up an annual recuring payment. If you are likely to remain a member for more than one year then a recuring payment makes life easier for both you and our Treasurer.   The AYRS is a registered charity and so Paypal refers to your subscription as a ‘donation’ on the page that appears after you click the button.

If you do set up an annual recurring payment and you later need to cancel it, then if you have a Paypal account you can do the cancellation through the Paypal system. Or if you paid by credit card and do not have your own Paypal account you can email our Treasurer and he will be able to cancel your recuring payment for you.

For further information, or any problems, please contact the AYRS Treasurer

Upcoming Events