'Boats' were back at Speedweek 2022!

By 'boats' I mean boats that are not Sailboards, Kiteboards or Wingboards!
This is SailRocket assembled on the hardstanding with Paul Larsen behind the fusilage although it didn't get afloat at this Speedweek - another time we hope.
This is Icarus, James Grogono's pioneering foiling catamaran. This did get afloat for the first time since 1985 and it sailed very nicely on its foils.
The original Icarus aluminium foils
Kyle Stoneham's Vampire Project boat - see vampire-project.com. Very fast - it actually beat all the board sailors on a light wind day. The future?
Longstanding AYRS member sailed Alan Blundel sailed 'Vari-Scari' - second fastest boat of the week

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