Catalyst 51 now available for paid-up members

Catalyst 51 is now available through the Discussion Forum.

You will first need to register on the Forum if you have not already. Go to and click on the “register” link in the top right-hand corner.

Registration is a multi-stage process (so we can exclude spammers)

  1. You need to agree the terms of use of the forum
  2. You need to fill in and submit the registration page – please fill in all the fields especially your real name and address (which is for our office use and allows us to identify you as an AYRS member) and tick the “Paid-up member” box
  3. The system will send you a password (which you can change if you want to once you have logged in), and will flag your account as a member
  4. To get into the paid-up members area we have to verify that you are a member, and set a flag in the system that confirms you are recognised. (That usually takes about 24 hours)

Once registered you can access the Members-only area where you will find a link to download the Catalyst.

Sorry if all this seems a pain but we do need some way of identifying and banning spammers (we get about 50 a week trying to register). (If anyone out there knows enough to code the process as a PHPBB plugin please get in touch)

Any problems please email Admin through the Forum and I’ll try to sort things

PS Catalyst 51 is NOT yet available from, it’s accessible ONLY through the Forum.



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