AYRS Zoom meeting Saturday, 12 September 2020 at 19:30 BST

For this meeting we will have a discussion about the recent evolution of the America’s Cup. John Perry will introduce the meeting with a summary of the path the Americas Cup has followed since AC33 in 2010, that being the first America’s Cup sailed with multihulls and the first in which a wing sail was used.  I have no connection with any America’s Cup team nor any special knowledge so my summary will be mainly from internet browsing, it may well be that others will be able to add detail or corrections during the meeting.   I had thought that we might delve into the current AC72 class rule book which is an interesting technical document but we will have to see how our time goes – the America’s cup is a big subject for anyone interested in advanced yacht design and we may choose to hold a second discussion on this subject  prior to the start of racing in March next year.  I would add that I am somewhat amazed that this date has not been set back by Covid 19, it was always an ambitious program, it must now be a mad rush.

The link to join this Zoom meeting is: https://plymouth.zoom.us/j/9161080000  – this link is also included in the event announcement on the AYRS website, www.ayrs.org and it is in any case the same link as for our previous meetings.

For our following monthly Zoom meeting, on Saturday 10 October 2020, long time AYRS member Skip Johnson from Oaklahoma, USA, will tell us about his latest proa building project. The boat is named ‘Trivial Obsession’ and at the time of writing Skip reports that the build is finished and he is just waiting for Labor Day holiday traffic and chaos to ease before launching and starting trials.

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