AYRS Seminars at the 2021 RYA Virtual Dinghy Show

The seminars we showed by Zoom at the end of each day of the show are now available from YouTube – see below

Amateur boat building in fibreglass with a ‘Rescue Float’ as a ‘worked example’ – by Kim Fisher – Seminar originaly given on 27 February 2021. Kim Fisher tells us about the ‘Rescue Float’ that he is developing in collaboration with Chris Watson. Although the ‘Rescue Float’ is not a typical amateur boat building project, it is a good example of amateur building of a small craft in composite materials and will allow Kim to explain how to make moulds and achieve a professional looking finish to the end product. The ‘Rescue Float’ is a simple craft for use by beach rescue services – it is easier to launch and cheaper to operate than a powered vessel but offers a better platform for watch keeping and assisting a casualty on-board than does a simple surfboard. The ‘RescueFloat’ was displayed on the AYRS stand at the 2020 RYA dinghy show and is due to be trialled by rescue services when covid permits. You tube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzmxPvLs8Uo

Sunday 28 February at 17:15 GMT – Amateur boat building in plywood with a sliding seat rowing boat as a ‘worked example’ – by John Perry – Many companies now offer a service to cut plywood by computer controlled router or water-jet cutting machine so if you can supply such a company with the files to input to their equipment you can have what is essentially a kit of accurately cut plywood parts to build a boat of your own design. This really does speed up the process of amateur boat building. Although many people will prefer to buy a kit or work to plans from an established designer, there is satisfaction to be gained from building to your own design and the results can be as good, or, dare we say it, even better. You tube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG37hPFgNvw

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