Change of plan for AYRS Zoom meeting, Saturday, 13th February 2021 at 19:30 GMT

We are starting this announcement with a change of plan for our monthly Zoom meeting on 13th February – We hope that by putting this at the top of this message members will be aware of the change and will not log in with our usual Zoom link and find that on this one occasion no one else is there!

The new plan is that we attend a presentation by small craft designer John Welsford, this presentation having been arranged by the Dinghy Cruising Association (see  The date and time that the DCA planned for this presentation happened to exactly coincide with the timing of our regular AYRS monthly Zoom meeting so arranging for AYRS members to join the DCA audience avoids a clash and gives us a chance to see a presentation by a well known designer of small sailing craft. For further information about the work of John Welsford see his website at:

AYRS members who would like to attend the presentation by John Welsford need to register for it ASAP by going to this link:

From the above link you will see two registration forms, one for the DCA AGM and a second one lower on the page for John Welsford’s talk. Unless you are a member of the DCA, only fill in the second form then click the register button.  The simple form requires a name, email address and DCA membership number. AYRS members should enter ‘AYRS’ for membership number.   In due course the DCA will email you a link to join the Zoom meeting.   The reason for having to register is that this talk may be popular so we need to know if there is a need to arrange a Zoom account upgrade to cater for more than 100 participants.

Sunday 24th January – Annual General Meeting of the Amateur Yacht Research Society

This year our AGM will be held by Zoom, the date is as previously announced but the time is a bit later for the benefit of our members in America and Australasia.  Registration from 19:15 GMT for the meeting to run from 19:30–21:00 GMT. The meeting is open but only paid-up members of AYRS are entitled to vote.   We have nominations for election of a new Vice-Chairman, Honorory Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Editor and two ordinary committee members so we hope to move forward from this AGM with a rejuvenated committee and new enthusiasm.

We will follow the AGM with a ‘bar’ session, maybe our members will like to talk about the Prada cup stage of the America’s Cup contest since this will be in full swing at the time of this meeting.  Also this might be an opportunity to try out the Zoom ‘Breakout rooms’ feature which allows a meeting to divide into smaller groups to chat about sailing interests and anything else – just as often seems to happen following a conventional yacht club AGM.

The link to join the meeting is:

Meeting ID: 253 674 0617
Passcode: ayrs

Note that we are now setting a simple password to join our Zoom meetings, this is to avoid members having to go through a ‘waiting room’ which can cause delay in entering a meeting.

Sunday 13 March 2021 at 19:30 GMT – Members Projects

The members projects meeting that had been scheduled for February will now be in March.   This is an on-line replacement for the cancelled AYRS meetings that were to have been held in Surrey this winter.  The meeting will be an opportunity for members to give updates on the progress of projects, talk about their boating activities, ask questions or tell other members about products they have found useful.  But if you have a longer project presentation I think it would be preferable for it to become the subject of a full meeting or part meeting.    

The link to join this meeting is our usual Zoom link:   Meeting ID: 253 674 0617
Passcode: ayrs.

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