Zoom Mtgs. 6th and13th June – From the UK to New Zealand – Bernard Rhodes

Bernard Rhodes tells us about the design and construction of the trimaran Kliss back in the 1960’s and his voyage with this tiny craft (approximately 22 feet) from the UK to New Zealand where he settled and has lived to this day.  The whole voyage was spread over three years although for more than half that period Bernard was doing temporary jobs to fund his voyage, including a period when he worked with Dick Newick on completing the proa Cheers.  Bernard was truly one of the pioneers of modern multihull voyaging.

This presentation was split over two consecutive Zoom meetings held during June 2020. It is the intention to convert these recordings into an edited form suitable for uploading to a video website, probably U-tube, in the meantime links to the unedited recordings are below:

The meeting on 6th June 2020, covering the building of the trimaran and the voyage from the UK to the West Indies:


The meeting on 13th June, covering the voyage from the West Indies through the Panama canal and accross the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand.


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