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If you are joining the AYRS for the first time,  it would be very helpful if you could give us some basic personal information.  And if you are re-subscribing do let us know if any of your personnal information has changed.  ( look here to read our data privacy policy)

To start with, if you are subscribing for the postal magazine it is necessary that we have your UK postal address and if you are subscribing for the magazine by email it is necessary that we have an email address for you.   And for either postal or email subscribers, we would like to have your email address since that is the easiest way for us to contact you if there are problems with your subscription and it will also allow us to email you information about our forthcoming events including any changes to venues or timing.  We try to avoid sending too many emails to our members, generally you can expect one or two emails each month, most of the content being about our own events although we sometimes also include a mention of significant events in the wider world of boating, but never any advertising of any products.

Further personnel information is optional but a phone number can be useful if there are problems with your membership and if you can tell us a bit about your boating interests that helps us match our output to our members interests – e.g. do you race or cruise? – where do you usually go boating? – what kind of boat(s) do you use? – are you building a boat or planing to do so? – do you use a boat(s) that you designed or built yourself? – are you persuing a yacht research project of any kind?

To provide us with such information you can download then fill in our membership form and either post it or scan/photo it and send it as an email attachment to our Treasurer who keeps our membership list.    Or simply put the information in an email or letter and send it to our Treasurer.   Our Treasurer’s contact details are:  

Mark Hillman, Millerstones, Rayrigg Road, Windermere, LA23 1EY     Email is: 

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