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Chapter 21) Seamanship - navigation, handling


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#13 = Self Steering 3rd edition (earlier editions have different page nos)
#78 = Cruising catamarans 2nd edition (earlier edition has different page nos)

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Handling - putting about hydrofoil #19 pp27 Pearce, N.G.A.
Handling - tacking a cat #18 pp20-21 Naish, Norman
Handling in gusts #120 pp72-74 Norwood, Joseph
Handling putting about #15 pp30 JUMPAHEAD
Handling putting about proa #47 pp44 Prout/Taylor
Handling sail #58 pp66-72 Michielsen, K.
Handling sail - hoisting & lowering main-trysail #11 pp14-18
Handling sail - Micronesian sails (Crab Claw or Oceanic Lateen) #33 pp12-16 Bierberg, A.E.
Handling sail - remote jib-reefing mechanism #34 pp59 Piver, Arthur
Handling sail in heavy weather #67 pp23-24 OSTAR
Handling sail on a proa #47 pp46-47 Prout/Taylor
Handling sail & reefing #4 pp22-23 Satterthwaite, Charles A.
Launch of 37' trimaran AIRS-9 pp30-33 Ingeberg, Helge
Launch of South Seas proa - traditionally #51 pp78-83 Rangi, Te Kupe
Manoeuvrability of catamarans #15 pp17-18 Morwood, John
Manoeuvrability of catamarans #16 pp10-11 OCELOT/Harris
Navigation equipment #48 pp15-18 Radar
Navigation equipment #48 fc, 12-13 & 18-19 Automatic Helmsman
Navigation equipment #53 pp17 & 22 Tangvald, Peter
Navigation equipment #61 pp66-67 Windmaster Mk II navigational aid
Navigation equipment #76 pp120-124 Antrim, W.
Navigation equipment AIRS-5=9 Bino-compass
Navigation equipment #81 pp51 by computer
Navigation equipment - direction finding aerial #8 pp14-17 DF (Direction Finding) radio aerial
Navigation equipment - lighting AIRS-10 pp20-23 Molyneux, Eric
Navigation equipment - lighting AIRS-10 pp51 Seawife Weylite
Navigation equipment - lighting #80 pp5 Seawife
Navigation Noon Position #61 pp95-97 Piver, Arthur
Righting #50 pp74-76 Mendonca/Henderson
Righting methods for multihulls #54 pp71-74 Ashford, Paul
Righting methods for multihulls #63 pp54-57 Lautier, E. Burnaby
Righting methods for multihulls #69 pp92-100 Benyon-Tinker, Fred
Righting moment of trimaran #43 pp50-52 Yorke, Gerald S.
Righting proa #33 pp16-17 Smallwood, T.O.
Righting trimaran #55 pp17-18 Morwood, John
Seamanship #21 pp6-7 & 18-20 Satterthwaite, Charles A.
Seamanship #52 pp71-72 Piver, Arthur
Seamanship #69 pp32-36 Brown, Jim
Seamanship #77 pp19 Various
Seamanship - catamaran #60 pp17-18 Wharram, James
Seamanship - changing tack on proa #16 pp36-37 Bierberg, A.E.
Seamanship - deepwater #75 pp22-92 Publication
Seamanship - defined #75 pp4-6 Morwood, John
Seamanship - handling - a NIMBLE on the Rocks #55 pp14-18 Morwood, John
Seamanship - handling proa #71 pp80-87 Taylor, J.S.
Seamanship - handling tacking a cat #18 pp20-21 Naish, Norman
Seamanship - handling trimarans in storm conditions #63 pp62-75 Piver, Arthur
Seamanship - hoisting the spinnaker AIRS-1 pp38-42 Webb, D.
Seamanship - navigation #53 pp17 & 22 Tangvald, Peter
Seamanship - navigation #61 pp95-97 Piver, Arthur
Seamanship - watchkeeping systems #75 pp47 & 64-67 Tailyour, Ewan
Tacking catamaran #18 pp20-21 Naish, Norman
Trimaran seamanship #55 pp14-18 Morwood, John
Wind Angle Indicator #33 pp36-38 Schroeders, Richard A.

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