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Catalyst - Journal of yacht research

Catalyst is published every January, April, July & October, and is free to subscribing members of AYRS.

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1 (Jan 2000)

Weymouth Speedweek, Newport symposium, performance measurement, land sailing, kite sailing, solar & human power

Open sample


2 (Jul 2000)

Hydrofoil sailing, America's Cup, performance modelling, experiments

Open & read


3 (Jan 2001)

Hull design, proas, ferro cement, seadogs, performance

Open & read


4 (Apr 2001)

Sunshine sailing canoe; Sailrocket; designing racing dinghies (pt 1)

Open & read


5 (Jul 2001)

Wind profiles, Costes hydrofoils, rotors, designing dinghies (pt 2)

Open & read


6 (Oct 2001)

Quarterline hull shapes, Revolution amphibious sailer, speedsailing

Open & read


7 (Jan 2002)

John Hogg prizes 2001 (Swingsail, glider-sail, windlogger); Swifgig

Open & read


8 (Apr 2002)

Special edition on Rigs, 

Open & read


9 (Jul 2002)

Conveyor belt foils, Kcat70, Ergonomic oars

Open & read


10 (Oct 2002)

Speedweek, Hydrofoils, Windrigger cat, Downwind faster than the wind

Open & read


11 (Jan 2003)

John Hogg prizes 2002, Hull & keel design, windmills, Rigs

Open & read


12 (Apr 2003)

Rigs, Monofoil, Downwind faster than the wind

Open & read


13 (Jul 2003)

Hapa Stabilised Sail Craft, Smart Anchor, Mill-Prop paradigm, Balancing Act

Open & read


14 (Oct 2003)

Alice May;Automatic Headboard; Kite Sail system; Spar Buoys

Open & read


15 (Jan 2004)

John Hogg Prize 2003: Quatrefoil; Free Spirit trimaran; Gravity Shift keel; AYRS-Bolt; Polar Curves

Open & read


16 (Apr 2004)

Marine Engine; Water Sports for Disabled People; Paddle wheel design; Autonomous Wing-Sailed Catamaran

Open & read


17 (Jul 2004)

A New Mug; Fishtails, Raymotion, and Gondolas; Romy Rig; 50 Knot Barrier; Autonomous Wing-Sailed Catamaran (pt 2); Soft Wing Sails

Open & read


18 (Oct 2004)

Moths on Foils; Transition rig; 4 x the Wind; Buoyant Keel Boats & Boards

Open & read


19 (Jan 2005)

Outleader Kites;Downwind as fast as you like; Mini-Trimaran; A Monoplane Wingsail Cruising Trimaran; AYRS John Hogg Memorial Prize Award 2005; New world sailing speed record; Weymouth Speedweek;Case for a new mug; Proa crew wanted

Open & read


20 (Apr 2005)

Rushing About on Ivanpah 2004; Elementarry; The Wave Rocker; The Power Alternating Sailing (PAS) Principle and the Mill-Prop Principle; Kites & Sailing Records; Concept Boat, RIBEX

Open & read


21 (Jul 2005)

Freewing; Moorhen; A Bauer String Yacht Demonstration; IDEC; New proa launched; Rowing record; CATRI; WSSRC ratifications; Wincheetah; Broker wanted; DWFTTW; Drawing Long-Radius Curves

Open & read


22 (Oct 2005)

Coastal rowing gains direction; A new analysis of the Pacific crab claw rig; Self-righting multihulls; Design and construction of hulls for Windriggercat (WRC) 6800; More on DWFTTW; Weymouth Speedweek, Concept Boat competition; Quatrefoil, ROCAT; soft wingsails, DWFTTW

Open & read


23 (Jan 2006)

John Hogg Competition report; Innovative Self Steering Gear; Stabilising foils and variable geometry for proas; A different approach to Sail Design & Construction; Tri-foiler project update;

Open & read


24 (Apr 2006)

A Voyaging Canoe for Tikopia; A different approach to Sail Design & Construction; Stingray; Creating an Efficient Propeller; Rotorboat

Open & read


25 (Jul 2006)

A Bauer String Yacht Demonstration; A Double Land Yacht reveals Direct Sailing to be a Cam Action; Windfinder; How Wings and Sails Work; DDWFTTW Response to Peter Jefferson & Bernard Slotboom; Pocock’s ‘The Aeropleuistic Art

Open & read


26 (Jan 2007)

Biplane Hagedoorn Craft; Going for a Spin (or Sailing the Rotorboat); AYRS Weymouth Meeting

Sorry, not currently available


27 (Apr 2007)


Sorry, not currently available


28 (Jul 2007)

Special edition from Ken Upton: Wave power - the wave rocker; Circling kites gather more power; Conveyor foils - a high density renewable-energy collector; Traction kites and Eco-Reefs; Eco-wings Mk 4.
Also: Colin Mudie on Square Rig; Profoil - a hydrofoil assisted, 2-way flying proa; Danger from kites on boats; (DDWFTTW) Speed downwind vs gear ratio in a Bauer vehicle

Open & read


29 (Jan 2008)


Sorry, not currently available


30 (Apr 2008)

What have you done for AYRS? Howard Fund; Some thoughts about unpowered heavier-than-air aircraft; Sailing in the jet-stream; Single-oared sculling; Kenape-type kite systems; No entries yet for the John Hogg Prize!

Open & read


31 (Jul 2008)

The Delta Sail Project (Malcolm Henry); Turboships (Peter A Sharp); Sharp Rotor Kite; Powersail (Jon Montgomery); Low Aspect Ratio Hapa (Fred Ball); Percy Westwood (Catalyst Editor)1947 – 2008.

Open & read


32 (Oct 2008)

 A Small Voyaging Boat (Sven Yrvind); Bris’ Sextant (Sven Yrvind); Understanding & Development of Aquaplaning Wheeled Sailing Yachts (Kim Fisher); Protecting Steel from Rust - a simple trial (Fred Ball)

Open & read


33 (Jan 2009)

 John Hogg Prize for 2008 - Flex Foil Wind Generator (Jack Goodman); Delta-shaped Sails (Richard Dryden); A Captive Kite-Sail Design (J G Morley)

Open & read


34 (Apr 2009)

 A Short Yuloh (David Shannon); An improved way of stern-sculling (Mike Bedwell); Some thoughts on the Yuloh.(Slieve McGalliard); A Rough Guide to Patenting or a personal view of the Patent Process (Tim Glover); Sailboat speed vs. Wind speed (Yoav Raz)

Open & read


35 (Jul 2009)

 Single-oared sculling (Mike Bedwell); Water Power Turbine (Chris Watson); Sunk without trace? (Roger Glencross)

Open & read


36 (Oct 2009)

From Table-top to Sea: A New Design of Downwind Sail; Free Spirit, an amphibious trimaran suitable for both disabled and able-bodied sailors; Fred’s Folly an experimental boat; Wind Powered Seaplane Or Hagedoorn Revisited; “Sue” Lewis, 1920 - 2009; Books for after Christmas? - "The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction", "Higher Performance Sailing", "Aero-Hydrodynamics and the Performance of Sailing Yachts"

Open & read


37 (Jan 2010)

Sail Modules for Larger Ships ; Poppy - a split junk rig ; Automatically Deflecting Fins for Sailing Yachts; The Howard Fund What it is, how AYRS will use it, and how you can apply for a grant ; AYRS John Hogg Prize Award 2010

Open & read


38 (Apr 2010)

Development of the Morley Tethered Kite System ; Innovation in Rating Sail Areas ; Why doesn’t AYRS offer a Hagedoorn Centenary Prize? ; Sailing a Faster Course - Hypotheses from a study of polar performance curves; Meet the Committee - Graeme Ward, Sheila Fishwick

Open & read


39 (Jul 2010)

The UCD Roboboat; Sailing a faster course - Finding the Optimal Course to target; Variable Geometry Hapa; Meet the Committee - Slade Penoyre, Simon Fishwick

Open & read


40 (Oct 2010)

Speedweek 2010 Pictures; The Dolfin Project Pt 1 - The Hydrodynamic Simulator; Sailing a faster course - Integrating Results to Whole Legs; AYRS John Hogg Memorial Award 2011; Outboard Tilt Lock; Broad Horizons; Book reviews - "The RIB", "Practical Dinghy Cruiser", The Psychology of Sailing" Meet the Committee - John Perry, Michael Ellison

Open & read


41 (Jan 2011)

News - AC45 "small" cats; Weston Cat Open; Chasse Maree Lightweight Boat Design Contest; Sailing a Faster Course Part 4 - Upwind Calculations and Practical Methods; Members News - Seen at the Show; Andrew Bauer; Robert Downhill; AYRS Sweatshirts

Open & read


42 (Apr 2011)

The Launch of Vestas Sailrocket 2; Matt Layden's Paradox design and the cheap roller-reefing standing lugsail; Sailing a Faster Course Part 5 - Downwind Calculation and Unsolved Mysteries; Discussion on Sailing a Faster Course - Go Straight (Paul Ashford) & Author's Reply; Members News - North West England Local Group.

Open & read


43 (Jul 2011)

Water Craft Cordless Canoe Challenge; Hagedoorn - The Beginning; Is Variable Geometry Necessary for Ultimate Sailing?; Morley Tethered Kitesail Project - Interim Report; Assessment of a Monohull Vessel’s Stability with No Hydrostatic Data News - (Hydroptere, Ultimate Sailing Claimed); Letters; AYRS News

Open & read


44 (Oct 2011)

News -“P28 Gonet & Cie” revealed; The AC45 World Series comes to Plymouth - a personal view (Joddy Chapman); Improvement in Wave Propulsion Devices (Gustavo Tabakian); The new Kelsall Cat Rig (Derek Kelsall); AYRS News (Fred Ball, Mike Howard, John Perry); Letters - AYRS - Looking ahead

open & read


45 (Oct 2012)

News - l’Hydroptere.ch, Sailrocket; ;Letters - Ultimate sailing, Vortex plates, Yullahs, etc; Final report on hinged foils (Robert Biegler); Are recent kitesurfer records being sailed at more efficient sailing angles than best recorded windsurfers? (Dave Culp) AYRS News – Meetings and other activities (Fred Ball, John Perry, et al)

open & read


46 (Jan 2013)

Sailrocket 2 raises 500m Sailing Speed Record; Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012; Messenger - an exercise in Lean Design; Members Projects Meeting Janury 2012; Southampton Boat Show; Weymouth Speedweek; North West UK Local Group Meeting, December 2012.

open & read

47 (Oct 2013)

Dick Newick, AYRS Vice-President; America's Cup Technology; Three Small Proas; Detachable Watertight Pockets; My Catamaran (S Large); AYRS Activities in 2013

open & read

48 (Oct 2014)

AeroJunk (Paul McKay); AutoFlight (Dave Culp); Human-powered Craft (Mike Bedwell); How to judge racing results (Nico Boon); Frank Bailey

password protected

Password to open

49 (May 2015)

Modest Wingsails (Dave Culp); Wingsail Experiments (Peter Worsley); News from AYRS

password protected

Password to open

50 (May 2015)

Morley tethered Kite Sail - Final Report (Michael John Howard); The Tethered Kite Sail Project (J G Morley);  The Hebridean Wind Vane (John Fleming);  Triumph a 12 ft Marine Ply Kite Towed Trimaran (Chris Watson);  Development of a Foiling Laser (Dr Ian Ward);  The Vampire project (William Sunnucks);  The Foiling Revolution (Alan Smith);  plus News (CA Marchaj, AC World Series), Letters (Tinfoil, Wingsails, Wingsail Workshop) and AYRS Directors Report for 2014-15

password protected

Password to open

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Submitting Material for Publication in Catalyst

The best way to send us:-

Articles:- an electronic (ascii) text file (e.g. *.txt created in Notepad). If you prefer to use Word, then for please use no more formatting than Normal, Heading 1, 2 & 3 styles. Other styles will get deleted as we use our own set of “Catalyst” styles. We can also accept PDFs, but prefer illustrations to be sent separately.

Images:- (logically named please!) picture files (*.jpg, gif, .png, or *.tif).

Line drawings:- please send them in the format in which they were created, or if scanned as *.tif (never send line drawings as JPEGs because it blurs all the lines)

Any scanned image should be scanned at a resolution of at least 300 ppi at the final size and assume most pictures in Catalyst are 100 by 150mm (6 by 4 inches). A digital photograph should be the file that was created by the camera. A file from a mobile phone camera may be useful. Leave them in colour, and save them as example clear_and_complete_title.jpg with just a bit of compression. If you are sending a CD, then you can be more generous with the file sizes (less compression), than if emailing, and you can then use *.tif LZW-compressed or uncompressed format.

For complex mathematical expressions send us hardcopy or scan of text with any mathematical characters handwritten (we can typeset them), but add copious notes in a different colour to make sure that we understand. We can also process MS Equation and its derivatives. Include notes or instructions (or anything else you want us to note) in the text file, preferably in angle brackets such as <new heading>, or <greek rho>, or <refers to image_of_jib_set_badly.jpg>.

Otherwise: — If you write in longhand, and sketch or include photographic prints, and trust to snail mail (a copy, never the original) then all can and will be dealt with in due course. If you have trouble understanding anything in this section, email to ask.

As examples, the polar diagram p16 of Catalyst 28 was re-created from a second generation photocopy; photos of shunting in the Champion article in Catalyst 27 (pp 19-21) were screen grabs from a video supplied on DVD. The rest of the images in that article were scanned from photographs; and the text was OCRed (Optical Character Recognition software) or keyboarded.

Send a copy of your work (copyshops can scan to file and email for you):

by email: catalyst@ayrs.org,
by post: Catalyst, BCM AYRS, London, WCIN 3XX

(For those who wish to know how we do things, we edit article texts in Word. Illustrations and captions are separated out and stored as discrete files. Each article is typeset using InDesign or (if in a hurry as we know it better) Pagemaker; assembled into “books”, and printed as PDFs, which are sent to the printshop for transfer to paper.)