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Chapter 8) Kites - hapas, gliders, tethered rigs


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#13 = Self Steering 3rd edition (earlier editions have different page nos)
#78 = Cruising catamarans 2nd edition (earlier edition has different page nos)

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Kite aerodymamic stability #85A pp pp9-12 Stover, Harry
Kite balloon craft for speed record AIRS-4 pp24 May, Kenneth
Kite boat #116 pp19-26 Lynn, Peter
Kite boat AMICK flying #93 pp4 & 11 Amick, James L.
Kite boat AMPHI-CAT #90 pp36 Stewart, Keith
Kite boat DANTO-ROGEAT #105 pp7 Durand & team
Kite boat JACOBS LADDER #93 pp18 & 23 Day, Ian
Kite boat JACOBS LADDER #97 fc & pp5 Day, Ian
Kite boat KITE YACHT IV #97 pp6-7 Stewart, Keith
Kite body planing #100 pp28 Schmidt, Theodor
Kite buggies, boats & peels #116 pp7-44 Lynn, Peter
Kite centre of gravity #87 pp16 Morwood, John
Kite control #87 pp16-17 Morwood, John
Kite drag angles #97 pp8 Schmidt, Theodor
Kite efficiency #85A pp pp13 Stover, Harry
Kite exceeding windspeed downwind #98 pp5-6 Ellison, Michael
Kite glider rig - free flying AIRS-8 pp79-80 Jones, Halsey
Kite glider rig - theory #9 pp23-26 Morwood, John
Kite hang gliding AIRS-9 pp60-62 Venus, Laurence
Kite history #116 pp19-20 & 27 Lynn, Peter
Kite hydroplane kite #118 pp24-27 Funston/Gunther/Jones
Kite launching #85A pp pp14 Stover, Harry
Kite lift to drag ratio #87 pp15 Morwood, John
Kite peels #116 pp27-44 Lynn, Peter
Kite progress #97 pp5 Schmidt, Theodor
Kite progress #98 pp9-10 Schmidt, Theodor
Kite reference list AIRS-7 pp44 list of kite references
Kite rig - DYNAFOIL #118 pp16-17 Roesler, Billy
Kite rig - free flying #37 pp38-43 Morwood, John
Kite rig - free flying #76 pp97-98 Yolen/Kocivar
Kite rig - free flying AIRS-6 pp45-48 Stover, Harry
Kite rig - free flying AIRS-7 pp30-36 Stover, Harry
Kite rig - free flying AIRS-8 pp24 Bierberg, A.E.
Kite rig - free flying #85A pp pp4-15 Gillett/Stover
Kite rig - free flying #87 pp18-19 & 52 Gillett/Morwood
Kite rig - how to sail one #85A pp pp4-8 Gillett, Gordon
Kite rig - inflated #17 pp31-32p James, Thurstan
Kite rig - inflated #37 pp43-44 Neumark, O.W.
Kite rig - inflated #98 fc & pp9-10 Stewart, Keith
Kite rig - tethered #26 pp30-32 Bloemhard, Walter J.
Kite rig - tethered #33 pp25-27 & 46-48 Ferguson/Benello/Copley
Kite rig - tethered #101 fc & pp1-2 Morley, Tom
Kite rig design #87 pp15-17 Morwood, John
Kite sailing airships #118 pp34-38 Burgess, C.P.
Kite tailplane #87 pp16 Morwood, John
Kite towed submarines #118 pp39-45 Schmidt, Theodor
Kite traction #116 pp45-54 Sands, Chris
Kite waterski #105 pp28 Culp, Dave
Kite waterski #118 pp7-15 & 18-23 Roesler, Billy & Cory
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog #73 pp54 Osborne, M.F.M.
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog AIRS-1 pp45-46 Hagedoorn, J.G.
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog AIRS-2 pp27-28 Hagedoorn, J.G.
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog AIRS-8 pp51-54 Stover, Harry
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog #100 pp26 Glencross, Roger E.
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog #107 pp17-25 Ashford, Paul
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog #108 pp17-21 Costes/Chapman/Schmidt
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog #114 pp8-68 Hagedoorn/Ashford
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog #118 pp49-57 Costes/Ashford
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog development #118 pp46-48 Schmidt, Theodor
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog EXOPLANE AIRS-9 pp10 Costes, Didier
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog EXOPLANE AIRS-11 pp60 Costes, Didier
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog HAGEDOORN #85A pp pp15-21 Glencross, Roger E.
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog HAGEDOORN #112 pp42-43 Glencross, Roger E.
Kite/Hapa/Paravane/Sea Dog history #108 pp20-21 Schmidt, Theodor

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