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Chapter 9) Model testing - instrumentation, scaling laws, test tanks, wind tunnels, experiments


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c = front cover
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* = superceded by later publication

#13 = Self Steering 3rd edition (earlier editions have different page nos)
#78 = Cruising catamarans 2nd edition (earlier edition has different page nos)

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Boom vang (kicking strap) study #40 pp34-35* Bruce, Edmond
Bulbous bows - full scale #92 pp34-36, 56 & bc Dusek, Josef T.
Daggerboard, adjustable #47 pp53-55 Morgan, Howard K.
Downwind Yacht Design - experiments #74 pp117-120 Costagliola, Michael
Flow Visualisation #41 pp16-24 Bowden, Lt. Col. Claude E.
Flow Visualisation #53 pp75-77 Hogg, John
Flow Visualisation #76 pp10-24 Bowden, C.E.
Fluid flows laminar/turbulent AIRS-10 pp43-46 & 48-49 Chapman, George
Froude number/scaling #24 pp21-27 Arlotte, T.F.
Froude number/scaling AIRS-5 pp51-53 Chapman, George
Froude number/scaling AIRS-7 pp46-50 Booth, David
Froude number/scaling AIRS-10 pp43-46 & 48-49 Chapman, George
Froude number/scaling #120 pp13 Norwood, Joseph
Hull resistance measurement methods #12 pp21-27 Morwood, John
Hull resistance measurement methods #24 pp21-24 Arlotte, T.F.
Hull resistance measurement methods #30 pp29-34* & 39-48* Bruce, Edmond
Hull resistance measurement methods #40 pp14-23 Morse-Brown, A.G.
Hull resistance measurement methods #45 pp7-20* & 27-42 Satterthwaite/Quilter
Hull resistance measurement methods #53 pp79-83 Hogg/Morwood
Hull resistance measurement methods #70 pp75-79 Sarsby, C.
Hull resistance measurement methods AIRS-5 pp25-29 Stover, Harry
Hull resistance measurement methods #82 pp195-207 Bruce, Edmond
Instrumentation #73 pp50-51 Osborne, M.F.M.
Instrumentation on boats #41 pp7-9 Hunter, Harry
Instrumentation on boats #56 pp36-69* Bruce, Edmond
Instrumentation on boats #119 pp7-30 Chapman, George
Instrumentation & Measuring Equipment #82 pp16-18 Bruce, Edmond
Instrumentation, Anemometer #36 pp53-56 Dumpleton, Owen
Instrumentation, Better or worse meter #56 pp35-44 Bruce, Edmond
Instrumentation, Better or worse meter #66 pp10 Bruce, Edmond
Instrumentation, Better or worse meter AIRS-10 pp13 May, Kenneth
Instrumentation, chart recorders #56 pp59-61 Hogg, John
Instrumentation, Optimum course indicator #41 pp28-31 Johnston, W.G.
Instrumentation, performance #56 pp36-48* Bruce, Edmond
Instrumentation, performance #82 pp120-130 & 147-161 Bruce, Edmond
Instrumentation, sensors #82 pp159-161 Bruce, Edmond
Instrumentation, Speed #8 pp22-23 Parham, H.J.
Instrumentation, Speed #41 pp28-31 Johnston, W.G.
Instrumentation, Speed #48 pp19-24 Morwood, John
Instrumentation, Speed #54 pp4-6 Minutes
Instrumentation, Speed #119 pp31-33 Spagnoletti, Robert
Instrumentation, Wind angle indicator #33 pp36-38 Schroeders, Richard A.
Instrumentation, Wind measuring device #41 pp29-30 Johnston, W.G.
Instrumentation, Wind sensors #56 pp39-46* Bruce, Edmond
Instrumentation, Wind speed/direction #76 pp58-67 Chapman, George
Leeboards #73 pp60-70 Rands, Maxwell B.
Measurements of VS/VT - results AIRS-4 pp14-18 Chapman, George
Model - Submerged buoyancy #38 pp21-22 & 41-43 Allen, Julian
Model - Submerged buoyancy AIRS-7 pp26-30 Dusek, Josef T.
Model - Submerged buoyancy #90 pp48-51 Chinery, David
Model design & construction #45 pp40-42 Quilter, I.
Model design & construction #96 pp14-20 Warring, Ron
Model hulls Reference series #78 pp51-64 Bruce, Edmond
Model on pond #85A pp pp21-24 Hodgen, Robert W.
Model on pond - foiler #62 pp35-38* & 76-78 Birkett/Perkins
Model on pond - foiler AIRS-7 pp26-28 Dusek, Josef T.
Model on pond - foiler #93 pp29-31 Fuller, Noel
Model on pond - multihull #85A pp pp21-24 Hodgen, Robert W.
Model on pond - proa #51 pp40-42 Birkett, G.
Model on pond - sails #12=c Bowden, Lt. Col. Claude E.
Model on pond - sails #61 pp72-95 Bowden, Lt. Col. Claude E.
Model on pond - sails AIRS-7 pp37-39 Norfolk, Derek W.
Model on pond - sails #81 pp37-39 Philbrick, Clayton
Model on pond - tri with wingsail #44 pp48-50 Walker, L.G.
Model on pond - trifoiler AIRS-11 pp43-46 Dusek, Josef T.
Model on pond - trimaran #77 pp53-54 Townsend, Patrick A.
Model on pond - trimaran AIRS-2 pp38 Townsend, Patrick A.
Model on pond - trimaran #106 pp32-46 Ashford, Paul
Model scaling/sizing #56 pp20-22 Bruce, Edmond
Model scaling/sizing #57 pp38-43 Truzzi, M.G.
Model scaling/sizing #82 pp184 Bruce, Edmond
Model testing for balance #82 pp208-216 Bruce, Edmond
Model testing idea AIRS-5 pp5 on boat show stand
Model tests - sails in open air #45 pp45-47 Bowden, Lt. Col. Claude E.
Model tests on aerodynamic stability on water #58 pp33-36 Parham, H.J.
Model towing tests - hull shape #75 pp78-80 Philbrick, Clayton
Model towing tests - hydrofoil AIRS-4 pp18-23 Chapman, George
Model towing tests - hydrofoil #106 pp32-46 Ashford, Paul
Model Tri-scaphs #43 pp44-47 Malrose, LeRoy
Model Yachts race #56 pp11-15 Morwood, John
Model Yachts race #63 pp23-32 Blick, Raymond
Model Yachts race #76 pp41-42 Andrews, Richard
Models - Reference series #45 pp7-20* Bruce, Edmond
Processing readings #76 pp63-66 Chapman, George
Racing yachts - resistance tests #49 pp4-6 Smith, William Allen
Recirculating tank #32 pp16-27 Mehaffey, W.R.
Recirculating tank #56 pp70-74 Mehaffey, W.R.
Recirculating tank #61 pp41-45 Gutell, Pierre
Recirculating tank #84B pp pp32-34 Morwood, John
Results - analysis & presentation #36 pp60-67* Bruce, Edmond
Results - analysis & presentation #41 pp5-6 Morwood, John
Results - analysis & presentation #56 pp61-69 Bruce, Edmond
Results - analysis & presentation #61 pp14-19 Hogg, John
Results - analysis & presentation #82 pp19-26 & 188-194 Bruce, Edmond
Reynolds number #24 pp21-27 Arlotte, T.F.
Reynolds number AIRS-5 pp51-53 Chapman, George
Reynolds number AIRS-10 pp43-46 & 48-49 Chapman, George
ROTACRAFT paddlewheel model AIRS-4 pp62-68 Ashford, Fred
Sail force measuring techniques #31 pp15-25 Satterthwaite, Charles A.
Sail research - ideas #12 pp10-18 Morwood, John
Sail testing - full scale #40 pp23-40* Bruce, Edmond
Sail testing - full scale #53 pp78-79 Hart, Howard
Sail testing - full scale #56 pp74-79 Larrabee/Hart
Sail testing - full scale AIRS-7 pp50 Stover, Harry
Sail testing - full scale #82 pp12-26 Bruce, Edmond
Sail testing methods #26 pp40-42 Mattingly, Christopher
Scale effects - Reynolds number #9 pp8 Morwood, John
Scaling - full size against model #82 pp185-187 Bruce, Edmond
Scaling laws and anomalies for models #18 pp33-39 Gandy, Cdr. G.H.
Scaling laws and anomalies for models #24 pp21-27 Arlotte, T.F.
Scaling laws and anomalies for models #45 pp12-20* Bruce, Edmond
Scaling laws and anomalies for models #51 pp8-9 Bruce, Edmond
Scaling laws and anomalies for models AIRS-5 pp51-53 Chapman, George
Scaling laws and anomalies for models AIRS-8 pp37-40 Shortall, John
Scaling laws and anomalies for models AIRS-10 pp43-46 & 48-49 Chapman, George
Scaling laws and anomalies for models #78 pp25 Morwood, John
Scaling laws and anomalies for models #90 pp29 Bruce, Edmond
Scaling of experiments #120 pp87 Thom, Alexander
Scaling results #96 pp20 Bruce, Edmond
Speed ratio measurements - full scale #41 pp6-11 Hunter, Harry
Stabilising paravane experiments #107 pp17-24 Ashford, Paul
Standard series of sails to correlate Wind Tunnel Tests #40 pp52-55 Hudson, R.J. Harrington
Tank Testing - keels of Pen Duick #66 pp99-102 Ravilly, E.
Tank Testing - model size too small AIRS-7 pp46-50 Booth, David
Tank Testing - results #120 pp15 Norwood, Joseph
Tank Testing - rotary v towing AIRS-4 pp24-25 Wilson, Piers
Tank Testing - wave resistance AIRS-7 pp46-50 Booth, David
Test Equipment - pulleys #45 pp39-40 Quilter, I.
Test Plate for Sails and Hulls #36 pp67-69 van der Wal, G.F.
Test tank - water table AIRS-10 pp39 Barnardiston, Nat
Test tank (Phantom Boats) AIRS-2 pp34-36 anon
Tests - Scientific Method #56 pp22-27 Satterthwaite, Charles A.
Tests sailing Dibb Trimaran #49 pp56 Dibb, George
Timing #119 pp34-38 Downhill, Robert
Towing - Whiffle tests #87 pp49-51 Andrews, Richard
Towing Resistance methods #53 pp82 Hogg, John
Towing tank - Bruce Tank #30 fc & pp27-49 Bruce, Edmond
Towing tank - Bruce Tank #82 pp164-183 Bruce, Edmond
Towing tank - Davidson Lab #32 pp11-13 Bloemhard, Walter J.
Towing tank - Laminar flow #40 pp14-20 Morse-Brown, A.G.
Towing tank - wavemaking AIRS-7 pp46-50 Booth, David
Towing tank cross section #89 pp35 Bailey, Frank R.
Towing tank hull resistance #45 pp7-42 Bruce/Satterthwaite
Towing tank instrumentation #30 pp34-39* Bruce, Edmond
Towing tank test results - catamaran #18 pp25-27 Nutku, Prof. Ata
Towing tank testing - hulls #61 pp53-58 Lawson/McConchie
Towing tank testing - hulls #64 pp59-62 Myers, Dr. Hugo
Towing tank testing - hulls #84A pp pp23-34 Stover, Harry
Towing tank testing - hulls #89=bc Dusek, Josef T.
Towing tank testing - hulls #100 pp29-30 Lerouge, Eric
Towing tank, description #84B pp pp19-23 Thomson, John Herndon
Towing test on bulb bows #100 pp1 Dusek, Josef T.
Towing tests - full scale #40 pp40-46* Bruce, Edmond
Towing tests - full scale #56 pp74-79 Larrabee/Hart
Towing tests - full scale #82 pp26-31 Bruce, Edmond
Towing tests - full scale #119 pp22-23 & 29-30 Chapman, George
Towing tests - whiffletree #84B pp pp28-31 Andrews, Richard
Towing tests on foils #66 pp49-53* Bruce, Edmond
Towing tests on foils #118 pp32-33 Kitson, Tony
Water tank and equipment #12 pp21-27 Wiggins, Harold P.
Wind - what to measure #56 pp55-59 Bruce, Edmond
Wind flow measurement and description #61 pp8-14 Hogg, John
Wind flow measurement instrumentation #73 pp50-51 Osborne, M.F.M.
Wind Force/Pressure/Thrust measurements #40 pp23-40* Bruce, Edmond
Wind tunnel measurements - sails #31 pp17-23 Satterthwaite, Charles A.
Wind tunnel techniques #24 pp19-21 Morwood, John
Wind tunnel tests - hull drag #84B pp pp6-28 Thomson, John Herndon
Wind tunnel tests - sails #18 pp10-13 Brabazon, Lord
Wind tunnel tests - sails #36 pp69-75p Hudson, R.J. Harrington
Wind tunnel tests - sails #58 pp26-30 Miles, Geoffrey
Wind tunnel tests - sails AIRS-5 pp38-44 Stein, Ross
Wind tunnel tests - sails #82 pp218-224 Bruce, Edmond
Wind tunnel tests - sails #111 pp6-64 Marchaj, Tony
Wind tunnel tests - sails #120 pp41-44 BLUE NOVA
Wind tunnel tests - triscaph #43 pp44-47 Malrose, LeRoy
Wind tunnel velocity distribution #40 pp12-13 Scruton, C.
Wind tunnels and equipment #12 pp18-21 Morwood, John
Wind tunnels and equipment #24 pp7-21 Morwood, John
Wind tunnels and equipment #30 pp20-27 Adams, H.C./Gerry, U.C.
Wind tunnels and equipment #32 pp27-31 Mehaffey, W.R.
Wind tunnels and equipment #37 pp23-28p Hudson, R.J. Harrington
Wind tunnels and equipment #49 pp56-63 Sea Cliff
Wind tunnels and equipment #61 pp41-45 Gutell, Pierre
Wind tunnel, AYRS #24 pp12-21 Morwood, John
Wind tunnel, AYRS #37 fc & pp3-4 erection of
Wind tunnel, AYRS #40 fc & pp3-11 Inauguration
Wind tunnel, AYRS #52 pp12-18 Morwood/Hogg
Wind tunnel, AYRS #53 pp5 Morwood, John
Wind velocity gradient - how to create in wind tunnel #18 pp10-13 Brabazon, Lord
Wind velocity measurements #36 pp56-59 Dumpleton, Owen

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