Sub-fora discontinued

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Do you agree to fewer sub-fora?

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Sub-fora discontinued

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There have been relatively few posts in relatively many sub-fora, so now these posts have all been moved up into "Boats" and the old sub-fora monohulls, multihulls, etc. removed. We hope this makes it easier to find things. Users can vote on this in the attached poll.

Also, the same has been done with the posts from the old forum "Gossip & Snippetts" as they were mostly about boats.
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Re: Sub-fora discontinued

Post by John Perry »

Theo - I have voted 'yes' to this. At first I thought there was something wrong since my vote did not add to the total, then I realise you have to log into the forum to vote, which is logical.

I do think the forum is better without so many sections - a heavily used forum may need a number of subsections to classify the posts into manageable groups but this one is not like that, at least not at the present time. And people who are interested in 'yacht research' are likely to be interested in pretty well all areas of 'yacht research' so dont need a lot of subdivision.

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