What AYRS is about

ayrs-logoThe AYRS is a UK registered Educational Charity (No 234081) dedicated to finding out how to make yachting better (faster, more fun, whatever you want it to be). Our members run from sober sided professional yacht designers and builders to bearded eccentrics full of ideas that they cannot make work.

From our members have come the modern sailing multihulls, self-steering gear, sailboards, a flock of successful sailing hydrofoils, the World Speed Sailing Record system, etc. Now people are taking off with kiteboats and autogyro-sails, and the first amphibious bicycle.

Membership is open to anyone interested in the improvement of yachts and equipment through research and development.

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Meetings and Events

There are regular Meetings and Events throughout the year. Check the latest events here.

Publications and resources

Since 1955 AYRS has published newsletter, papers, magazine and information sheets totalling thousands of pages.

The official journal of AYRS is Catalyst. Back issues can be downloaded or bought here.

In addition there are more than 120 publications of various topics. Most can be downloaded free, some are not yet available, some can be purchased.

An extensive index has also been compiled.

Here is a short compilation of some interesting pages from the AYRS archive. Hover over images to stop scrolling.



How to use this site

Information about AYRS can be found on the ABOUT page and the NEWS section.

The forums contain posts by members about new ideas, developments and questions about anything of interest to Society members. Anybody can read (most of) the discussions; to post you must first register and be logged in.

This website contains an enormous resource of papers and information since 1955, amounting thousands of pages.These are listed and indexed under PUBLICATIONS.


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