A floating Gym

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A floating Gym

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Josephine and I recently sailed our trimaran from Plymouth to Chichester (UK south coast) and back - the longest trip we have so far made with the boat. In Chichester harbour we took this picture of a catamaran that does trips round the harbour. Although it is not apparent from this rather poor photo, this quite large boat appears to be driven by human power. The boat looked to have something like 20 people on board (with room for more) and about half of those people were pedalling exercise bikes fixed down to the deck, presumably generationg electricity to power the boat. I think there are also solar cells on the large flat roof although they wouldnt be doing much since it was a dull evening. Gyms have become very popular in recent years, so why not a floating gym by which the people taking exercise can also be propelling themselves along. I thought this might interest AYRS member Theo Schmidt who I know has an interest in boats powered by renewable resources.

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Re: A floating Gym

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Yes, very interested! I was involved with a 12-person mechanically pedalled monuhull which worked well and a 12-person catamaran with pedal generators which didn't and was sent a project for a catamaran for 150 pedallers! All this stuff is on an old computer or on paper; I'll try to find it.

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