Hello from SF Bay - Tilt wing

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Hello from SF Bay - Tilt wing

Post by JoelMcMinn »

Came across ayrs as I searched for topics surrounding a tilt wing. I have in mind that the well-established and engineered hang glider industry could engage with sailboats.

My plan is to test the waters so to speak, elevating a hang glider on various mast configurations on a windswept isolated grassland, explore control and stability and get a feel for issues which arise in a variety of winds. Lots of modification at this phase. When I'm comfortable, install on the Nacra 5.7 with minimal hull/crossbar/rudder and daggerboard modification. Try a sail in a light breeze early 2021.
Benicia shoreline is the Carquinez straits, lots of open water & steady breezes very little yachting. Chaseboat will be in attendance.

A lot to be learned in Vestas 1 & 2 evolution, 1997 Aeroskiimmer and others. what about Foiling? too much too soon...

Would love to discover others. I hope demonstrating easy prototyping & some success will enccourage collaborative experimenters worldwide.

My larger goal is to demonstrate the concept is viable for moderately experienced sailors, marina constraints, and to encourage crossfeed of technology between footlaunch flight, kite surfing and recreational sailing.

Joel McMinn

Robert Biegler
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Re: Hello from SF Bay - Tilt wing

Post by Robert Biegler »

The closest I know to what you seem to have in mind is Dingbat. There is a web site, but it hasn't been updated since 2008: https://www.dingbat.com.au/Latest.html

I have been idly thinking about doing something similar with a KiteWing (https://kitewing.com/), which is a hand held 4sqm wing that resembles a hangglider. But I have enough other projects with higher priority that I don't know when, if ever, I'll get round to that.

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