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Fishwics Brief Bio

Postby fishwics » Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:43 am

1. Been sailing for a long time (50+ years) - mainly dinghies and other small boats

2. Helped develop RIBs before they became commercial

3. Have messed around with sailng canoes and proas, mainly of my own design

4. Professionally I am a retired electronic engineer, and now help run a sailing school on the Norfolk Broads

5. When I can find the time I am the AYRS Editor and have been since about 2000, (and if someone with the necessary skills wants to take it on, please get in touch!)

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Re: Fishwics Brief Bio

Postby MikeBedwell » Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:10 am

Have struggled to get here, having no 4-year old to help me! Am concerned that have not found the 'front page' as shown on p24 of Catalyst 51 .

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Re: Fishwics Brief Bio

Postby admin » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:12 pm

Front page has changed a bit from when No 51 was published, but if you click on "Home" on the black bar above, you'll get there.

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Re: Fishwics Brief Bio

Postby MikeBedwell » Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:48 am

Thanks for help. Nothing very dramatic to report, much as I'm conscious of your appeal for contributions from people who are not committee members.

However, have aroused some interest in Yulah from my students in Kyiv, two of whom are engineers. One got her Dad to build an oar for me with the usual NASA 00XX section but much larger area than the one I have used in the UK. This was an embarrassing failure because I made a bad guess at the area needed, and Dad (His English is as bad as my Ukrainian) took a Stradivarius approach and produced a multi-coated varnished oar which I felt pain in asking him to saw half of it off.

I have now concluded that the fundamental problem is to design a blade where the Length and Breadth can be changed more readily, and for my students have written a discussion paper "The Cardboard Blade".

Three queries:
1) Is there a subject area within the AYRS forum where this note would fit in better?
2) Is it possible to effect Attachments with this Forum?
3) Is it possible to increase the font size ? --despite laser surgery my eyes are betraying their 82 years of use!
4) Could you put me in touch with Graeme Vanner, whose latest contribution is on p5 of Catalyst 51? He and I were contemporaries at Coventry University, but has not responded to my recent emails.

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