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Hello All,

I'm of the class of 'bearded eccentrics', living with my partner, Anke, aboard engine-free sailboats in SE Alaska for going on three decades. Mostly DIY, junk-rigged square boats.

I design (doodle, might be a better description) what I call box barge/scows. You can see my work at http://triloboats.com, or read about our life and projects at http://triloboats.blogspot.com.

I'm primarily interested in simple, inexpensive, DIY and low tech solutions to living on the water. As one who believes civilizational collapse is a real and disturbing possibility, improvisational and sustainable approaches are of prime interest to me. I write about collapse issues at http://teotwurbulence.blogspot.com, so rest assured, I won't initiate such discussions in this forum. Only mentioned for context. 8)

Looking forward to meeting you in the fora!

Dave Zeiger

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