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Sail GP Event at Plymouth UK July 17/18 2021

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 2:06 pm
by John Perry
I previously mentioned the SailGP Event to be held at Plymouth on 17/18 July in the 'News' section of this forum (do we have too many overlapping sections on this forum I wonder?) but I am now thinking that the weekend of this event could be an opportunity for an AYRS gathering - (subject to the virus restrictions being fully eased at the time).

The SailGP events are for the F50 Catamarans that have been developed from the boats that contested the America's Cup during 2019. They are now essentially a one-design class but the design rule is not frozen, rather it is further developed each year by consultation with the racing teams which number eight at the time of writing. These boats have two element rigid wing sails and an 8.8m beam so they are difficult boats to handle on shore - presumably there is a plan for handling the boats on shore at Plymouth but I cannot guess what that plan might be! The F50 racing should be spectacular to watch, the speeds possible are on a par with those achieved with the AC75 foiling monohulls.

I wonder if any AYRS members are thinking about coming to Plymouth during the weekend of this event, if so then at the very least perhaps we could book a table for a meal together on the Saturday evening. If any members are thinking of sailing to Plymouth at the time of this event then I am hoping that an on-water gathering will be possible, perhaps a waterside BBQ - living just outside Plymouth I will see what I can do about arranging visitors moorings. As for watching the racing from the water, it is not yet clear what, if any, provision will be made for this, the best vantage point may be from on-shore (or of course from your own house watching YouTube after the event) So if you are thinking of being in Plymouth that weekend, with or without a boat of any kind, do let me know and we will see if we can set something up - email