Minisail needs good home

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Minisail needs good home

Postby Fredthecharlie » Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:48 pm

AYRS was left a Minisail by Su Lewis who passed away a few yeaars ago for members to use for experiments, the hull is fibreglass and about 13 feet long, looks a bit like a Fireball, I think it is the Monaco version and has centreboard, rudder, sliding seat and spars but no sail.
It's been at the end of my garden for several years and needs someone to find a use for it. The wooden bits (c/b rudder and s/seat) have been assaulted by woodworm (treated) and were useable when I tried it at Barton Turf 3-4 years ago using a Laser rig.
Let me know if it is of use, I can take photos of it and email them to you if needed.

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