Aries no4

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Aries no4

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Hi all
I have recently become the custodian of a beautiful Aries number 4 self steering gear. It appears to be in excellent condition.
I have dismantled and cleaned it and am presently re building with the intention of fitting it to my Vindo40.
These gears were produced by Nick Franklin ,around 1976,for only a short time. Consequently not many people have any experience with them and there is almost no information on the internet.
AYRS being, what it is ,I feel there is bound to be someone who has investigated the intricacies of this device and may even have some useful information
on how to adjust and successfully mount the no4 on a boat.
I know that Nick Franklin was an enthusiastic supporter of the AYRS and contributed to several publications around the seventies while he was developing and building the no4. Perhaps someone knows which papers are likely to give clues into the principles of his thinking during this period.

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Re: Aries no4

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