Boat Kit needs new home

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Boat Kit needs new home

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I received this by email yesterday and wondered if any of our American members can help

Here’s the situation.
I have a CNC kit to build Karl Stambaugh’s Redwing 18, which consists of frames, transom, planking, etc. Kit is in my basement. Kit cost $6000.00 several years ago. Three coats of West epoxy have been applied to the frames and transom.
Due to two open-heart surgeries I can no longer complete the boat. I’m moving from my house to a condo on Friday, February 16th and have to be rid of the kit before that, no later than Friday, February 9th. I’m located in Westfield, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis.
I have four options (1) trash it (2) donate it to a group which could complete the boat, e.g., Sea Scouts or HS woodworking class (3) give to and individual who will complete it. (4) sell it to an individual who would complete it.
Kit would have to be taken out of my basement and picked up. (Would require a space of 4’ by 8’).
The last thing I want to do with it is to junk it. So, I’m looking for ideas of specific organizations which would benefit from a donation and/or individuals who would want it for free or pay me $1000.00
Please let me know of your interest or questions.
Thanks. Jay Steiger [boatdesign]
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