Yullah WAS Fishwics Brief Bio

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Yullah WAS Fishwics Brief Bio

Post by MikeBedwell »

Thanks for help. Nothing very dramatic to report, much as I'm conscious of your appeal for contributions from people who are not committee members.

However, have aroused some interest in Yulah from my students in Kyiv, two of whom are engineers. One got her Dad to build an oar for me with the usual NASA 00XX section but much larger area than the one I have used in the UK. This was an embarrassing failure because I made a bad guess at the area needed, and Dad (His English is as bad as my Ukrainian) took a Stradivarius approach and produced a multi-coated varnished oar which I felt pain in asking him to saw half of it off.

I have now concluded that the fundamental problem is to design a blade where the Length and Breadth can be changed more readily, and for my students have written a discussion paper "The Cardboard Blade".

Three queries:
1) Is there a subject area within the AYRS forum where this note would fit in better?
2) Is it possible to effect Attachments with this Forum?
3) Is it possible to increase the font size ? --despite laser surgery my eyes are betraying their 82 years of use!
4) Could you put me in touch with Graeme Vanner, whose latest contribution is on p5 of Catalyst 51? He and I were contemporaries at Coventry University, but has not responded to my recent emails.
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Re: Yullah WAS Fishwics Brief Bio

Post by John Perry »

Hi Mike

I am not the 'webmaster'here, nor do I no much about the design of yulohs, but since no one else has answered your questions I will try:

Q1) - you seem to have appended your post to a post by Simon Fishwick in the section intended for new forum contributors to tell people a bit about themselves. So your post currently appears as a comment on Simon Fishwick's 'BiO' which is not very logical given the content. I would have thought your post would be better placed in either the section headed Boats or the one headed Theory. Maybe you could also write an introductory 'bio' in the 'Welcome to the Forum' section, come to think of it perhaps I might also do that some time.

Q2) - Well, the other day I contributed a post about the recent AYRS meeting that was held at Thorpe in Surrey and I attached a Powerpoint file to that post, so, yes it is possible.

Q3) - Try using Ctl key simultaneously with + key to enlarge or - key to reduce. This seems to work on Chrome, Edge and Firefox regardless of which website you are looking at. Maybe it works on some other browsers as well, but I think Apple does it differently with an option under a View menu. Also, if you have a mouse with a wheel turn the wheel while holding down the Ctl key - I find that's the quickest and handiest way. All the above will change the size of pictures as well as fonts, but that is probably to your advantage.

Q4) - I dont have access to an up-to-date AYRS membership list and I am not sure that the AYRS actually has a membership secretary right at the moment, however if you are an AYRS member perhaps Simon could provide this information in the absense of a membership secretary.

As I say, I dont know much about yulohs but I believe there are two fundamental types, the type where the high and low pressure sides reverse on each stroke and the type where they do not. I assume that since you mention an NACA section yours is the first type and presumably it is a symetrical NACA section. I cant think of an easy way to make such a section variable in chord and thickness, depth of immersion is obviously easy to vary. If it were me I think I would make three or four differnet sizes to try, or just make one giant one then shave bits off (probably with an electric power plane which removes timber at an impressive rate) But maybe you have something more clever than that with your Cardboard Blade?

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