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Dave Z

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:36 am
by Dave Z
Hello All,

I'm of the class of 'bearded eccentrics', living with my partner, Anke, aboard engine-free sailboats in SE Alaska for going on three decades. Mostly DIY, junk-rigged square boats.

I design (doodle, might be a better description) what I call box barge/scows. You can see my work at, or read about our life and projects at

I'm primarily interested in simple, inexpensive, DIY and low tech solutions to living on the water. As one who believes civilizational collapse is a real and disturbing possibility, improvisational and sustainable approaches are of prime interest to me. I write about collapse issues at, so rest assured, I won't initiate such discussions in this forum. Only mentioned for context. 8)

Looking forward to meeting you in the fora!

Dave Zeiger