(re)Presentation (short version ;) )

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Guy Capra
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(re)Presentation (short version ;) )

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Here you will find some words to introduce myself as some of you may be curiously intrigued by who I am :)

ScullMatix (also named "Godyoto") inventor, I'm always working on, I hope, pretty cool things...
My pleasure to show you http://www.nauticaerium.com and http://www.conceptarum.com where you will find ideas, stories, projects and even some dreams !

My life, short version : after having carried out some projects in the fields of new technologies that I hope useful for people, I'm working now in a family business. I'm involved personally in R&D for some inventions for real life and for boating.
Some will go so far as to say that I live now far of urban society while near the sea, carving bits of wood to build boats and requesting cormorants to bring back my daily fish... And you know what? They are not-quite wrong ! :lol:

Thanks for reading and watching,
And may The Force be...yond ! :ugeek:


Robert Moon
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Hi There

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Hi there everyone,

My name is Robert Moon I've come to this community to share and gain knowledge from others, I hope I don't get disappointed, this community looks great looking forward to making a lot of great friends here.

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