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Google Chrome

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We've had reports that users with certain versions of Google Chrome are unable to download files correctly: specifically Catalyst 51.
These files are currently transmitted in a compressed form (to save your and our bandwidth) and they are not getting re-flated in the users' computers. The usual symptom appears to be that the file is stored as "file.php" instead of under its proper filename, and if you inspect it (using Notepad or similar) you get a bunch of random characters instead of some readable text.

I normally use Firefox, not Chrome, so I had not immediately noticed it. I have now re-tested with Chrome, Version 56.0.2924.87, running under Windows 7, and it seems to be OK.

If you have this problem then please -
a) Check you have the latest version of your browser (for Chrome at least the version mentioned above)
b) Restart your computer
c) Test to see if the problem has gone away
d) Tell us about it (a reply to this thread is fine)

Unless the problem re-occurs I am minded to leave file compression enabled.

AYRS Web Admin

PS The server, and the software it runs, including this forum software, are all industry-standard items. If there are any significant problems working with Chrome, I have not been informed (and I should have been)
AYRS Web Administrator

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