Call for papers: Power and Propulsion Alternatives for Ships

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Call for papers: Power and Propulsion Alternatives for Ships

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Royal Institution of Naval Architects

Power and Propulsion Alternatives for Ships
23 January 2019, London, UK

Call for Papers

Shipping is vital to the world economy. It is a critical part of international import and export markets and supports the global distribution of goods. As for all industries, concerns about climate change require the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping sector. This entails to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used or use cleaner fuels. It means that the industry must prepare for the new future and investigate alternative, more economic ship propulsion systems.

A number of projects are under development around the world to understand the benefits of wind power for the shipping industry. Alternative fuels such as LNG are more recent in attaining mainstream recognition, but electric and hybrid systems have started to become viable especially as battery technology continues to develop and improve. Solar polar has always been an alternative; not as a main source of energy, but in auxiliary systems or combined with other methods.

RINA invites papers from naval architects, class societies, operators, researchers, and builders on all power and propulsion design related topics including the following:
• Wind powered or wind assisted propulsion
• Alternative fuel systems: LNG, methanol, hydrogen, etc
• Renewable fuels; biofuels, ethanol, Dimethyl Ether (DME) algae-based fuel, etc.
• Pure electric and hybrid electric propulsion
• Batteries and fuel cells
• Solar power
• “Cold ironing” or Alternate Marine Power

8-9 Northumberland Street

To download the call for papers click here


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