Cordless Canoe Challenge at Beale Park

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Cordless Canoe Challenge at Beale Park

Post by Fredthecharlie »

Just in case any member wants to enter the rules have been changed and there will be two events. I found them difficult to read on the Watercaft Magazine web site so I have read them and interpreted them as:-
On Saturday 3rd June it will be a race around a course including three 180 degree turns, there will be heats and a final later in the day.
On the Sunday it will be solo timed trips across the lake and a return trip ( it doesn't say whether there will be a chance to recharge batteries for the return trip) the two trips will be averaged out to give a winner.
In both events the Maximum length is 5 metres (16' 3") and there is no restriction on the number of cordless workshop tools used to power the craft.
There is also a prize for the most successful newcomer.
If you have any questions about them contact

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Re: Cordless Canoe Challenge at Beale Park

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We discussed the new rules at yesterday's meeting of the North West Local Group and the consensus was that they were counter productive. It seems now as if 'money talks' and the competition has been priced out of the hands of the average amateur competitor. That is a shame as the 'quirkyness' of the competition made it so popular. If you want to gain a speed record for an electrically powered boat there are other more suitable venues than the family friendly Beale Park.

Mike Howard

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