AYRS Devon Meeting - CHANGE OF DATE - 1st April 2017

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AYRS Devon Meeting - CHANGE OF DATE - 1st April 2017

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We have changed the date for our AYRS Devon meeting to Saturday 1st April 2017. The reason is that the original date did not suit a couple of our local members. I realise that we cannot choose dates to suit everbody but the numbers attending these meetings have never been large, so the absence or presence of two enthusiasts could make a difference.

If anyone has already made plans to come to a Devon meeting on the original date (11 March) there is no reason to be disappointed. I expect to be at home on that day and if you would like to come to our house and chat about boats I would be happy to do so and I could also show you the rowing boat that I am building at the moment, maybe you could even help with that. Just let me know in advance if this is of interest. Clearly, if a few people do show interest in this we will in effect have two Devon meetings this year and I see no harm in that.

As for the program for our meeting on 1st April, I copy below my original announcement, no need to change any of that:
In past years the meeting has been held in John and Josephine's house at Wembury, a coastal village about six miles to the south east of the centre of Plymouth. This will be the location for our meeting in 2017, unless the level of interest is higher than in the past in which case we will need to hire a hall for the afternoon. If we do need to hire a hall I would envisage that we share the cost, otherwise no charge for the meeting. I am hoping that enough people will contact me early enough that we will know soon enough in advance if we do need to hire a hall, so do please get in contact if you are planning to attend. My contact details are in the AYRS publication 'Catalyst' or you can send me a message through this forum system - see 'Contact' above right.

The meeting will follow the format we used last time - starting at about 14:00 we will have presentations and discussions through the afternoon followed by refreshments at around 16:30. Assuming that the meeting is in our house rather than in a hall, we can optionally continue the meeting into the evening. It has been known for our discussions at these meetings to continue towards midnight, but you can leave whenever you like.

If you would like a pub lunch prior to the meeting let me know and I will book a table, probably at the Odd Wheel public house in Wembury.

Some people like to prepare presentations, others just tell us in an informal way about their latest boating projects or the sailing they did last season, both approaches are welcome. Also, some people bring pieces of equipment to demonstrate or even small boats that they have built. Last time we had a demonstration of a proposed boat propulsion arrangement using oscilatory vanes - we were still playing with that at 11:00pm! We have never been short of material at these meetings, but if we are I will comb the internet for video of interesting boats that we can show and discuss. We will be able to show pictures/video with a large screen PC or a digital projector. If you do have something to talk about at the meeting it would be good if you could let me know in advance then we might plan an agenda, although in the past we have managed reasonably well without that.

John and Josephine can offer limited accommodation in their house for those who travel from afar and need to stay overnight.

Usually we have been able to find some appropriate activity for the Sunday morning following the meeting - last time we were taken for a short sail on a members cruising catamaran. Another time we viisted a replica traditional ship that was being built in the area - ideas for a sunday activity for our 2017 meeting would be welcome.

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