AYRS meeting at the Basingstoke Canal Centre - 21 & 22 September 2019

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AYRS meeting at the Basingstoke Canal Centre - 21 & 22 September 2019

Post by John Perry » Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:38 pm

All are invited to this weekend event in Surrey and If you cannot attend the whole weekend you are welcome to drop in for any part of the event.

The Basingstoke canal is a very pretty stretch of water but it is not really suitable for sailing since there are low bridges and overhanging trees. Many AYRS members do have small craft that could be used on the canal - e.g. canoes and rowboats and those who own yachts probably also have yacht tenders. Also, those who do not wish to go afloat could explore the canal via the towpath.

In addition to some easy boating, this weekend gathering is intended to provide an opportunity for members to chat about their projects and exchange ideas. We have booked a meeting room at the canal centre on the Saturday so that members can give presentations on sailing and yacht research topics, let John Perry know if you can offer a presentation.

The Basingstoke Canal Centre (BCC) has a campsite but there are also plenty of hotels and guest houses in the area. The address is Basingstoke Canal Authority, Mytchett Place Road, Mytchett, Surrey GU16 6DD Email info@basingstoke-canal.co.uk Phone 01252 370073.

We propose to share the cost of the meeting room among those using it, this is not expected to be more than £5 per head. We would ask members who bring boats to pay individually for a canal licence, this can be done on-line or on the day at the BCC office - it's £3 per day for all unpowered boats unless you are a member of British Canoeing in which case it is free. Those who wish to camp at the canal centre should book individually by phone with the BCC office. We understand that early booking of the campsite is recommended since it is in demand.

An outline program, given reasonable weather:

Saturday 21st September
• Arrive and campers put up tents and settle in. Boats launched and canal fees paid.
• 12:30 Lunch in BCC cafe.
• From 13:30 convoy along the canal and back (with a tea time canal side picnic stop if weather suits)
• 16:30 Meeting in BCC meeting room to discuss members projects (as Thorpe meetings)- room hire from 16:00 to 19:00.
• 19:30 table booked in local pub or restaurant.

Sunday 22nd September
• 09:30 - Breakfast in BCC cafe
• 10:30 - Hull drag measurements for those who are interested in trying that, or as an alternative activity a second convoy along the canal in the opposite direction to Saturday. Regarding hull drag measurements, we expect to have available a means to measure tension in a tow line and we are considering ways to do the towing. Suggestions welcome and offers to provide equipment also welcome!
• 13:30 Lunch in BCC cafe
• Pack up and go home (or continue with hull drag measurements, depending on how that is working out).

If you need further information contact John Perry - you could use the private messaging system on this forum or contact details in Catalyst.

The picture below was taken on the Basingstoke canal at Winchcombe which is a few miles from the BCC but I think it gives a good idea of what this waterway is like and how attractive it is for canoeing/rowing, also for walks along the towpath. I made the green boat in the picture a couple of years ago, it is a rowing boat that can be used by one person rowing or with a second person acting as cox. There are retractable outriggers for the rowlocks, these are retracted in the picture. We will probably bring this boat to the BCC and if no one else offers a subject craft for towing tests we could use this one, although it might be interesting to have a few boats for comparison. I would say that some of us attempted to carry out towing tests on a previous occasion and we did not find it as easy as we expected, for one thing it was difficult to keep a steady towline tension. Advice welcome from anyone else who has tried this before!

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