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    Hi Robert, Sorry you lost your typing, this reminds me that when writing more than a few words to an internet forum it is best to first enter the text into a separate app then copy and past it to the forum website! I like to use the free Notepad++ app for that kind of […]
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    Message received from the Junk Rig Association (contact: volunteered to organise this year’s AGM in the UK, it has been held in New Zealand for the last two years and I would be thrilled to have a good turnout.This will be during May Spring Bank Holiday (Sat 25th - Mon 27).It is most likely […]
  • Events & other announcements • Catalyst 54
    Available through, but if you've not bought a subscription you'll have to buy the password to open it.Paid-up members can download an open copy through the Forum, see Posted by AYRS Editor — Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:44 am
  • Sails & Aerodynamics • Re: Request for collaboration
    I just lost two hopurs of typing a reply, because the system logged me out before I clicked on "Preview", then didn't take me backl to what I had written after I logged in again. I have to see when I have time to write this again. Probably a week or so.Statistics: Posted by Robert […]
  • Sails & Aerodynamics • Re: Request for collaboration
    John Perry wrote:Robert, I guess that what you meant to say is the the torsional strength of individual beams makes a negligible contribution to the torsional STRENGTH of the whole structure. Strength and stiffness are different properties! (and both are important in boat designing)Probably. I had assumed that if the structure is designed to impose […]