As you may guess, at this point in time, AYRS is postponing or cancelling all activities that may bring groups of people together. We are reviewing this on a month by month basis.

The SW UK Area meeting is therefore cancelled (but see below), and the Norfolk sailing meeting (Broad Horizons 2020) is postponed at least until mid-late June.

It is possible that some meetings may be replaced by online video conferences (by Skype or similar). For further details please see the Forum where these things will be announced.

The next Catalyst isn’t due for a few months, but depending on the situation at the printers (in London), it is possible that paper copies will be delayed. In the meantime it would be helpful, if members who have not already registered their email address with the AYRS Office ( would so do please, so if needs be we can advise you how to get the website copy.

Once we’ve all got over this, we’ll get back to normal. In the meantime – stay safe!

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